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Cycling has grown in popularity throughout Trinidad and attracts all age groups and sexes.  The network of old agricultural & oilfield roads plus (relatively) quiet country roads, along with hiking paths provide a range of surfaces and environments for riding. In addition terrain ranges from flat land to rolling inclines to hillsides. For those with a preference for road biking almost every area of Trinidad has country roads with reduced vehicle traffic. The cross-country rider will be able to find undulating land with natural vistas. Those whose interest lies in mountain biking can find forest trails with logs, bamboo and streams across the trail requiring navigation and dexterity.

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Individuals who like competitive circuit racing can join one of several cycling clubs. There are also triathlon and adventure racing events throughout the year. On many weekends there are fun rides and racing events for children.

To learn about upcoming cycling events visit our Events Calendar

The most popular area for cycling is the Chagaramas penninsula which has a network of old military & agricultural roads plus forest paths providing every type of cycling environment. If you do not own a bicycle, rentals are available at Williams Bay in Chaguaramas. The Chaguaramas Biking Trails  and Other Bike Rides in Chaguaramas articles provides more information on the biking trails in Chaguaramas. Another area in close proximity to Port of Spain with a varied network of road surfaces and lower vehicular traffic is the Santa Cruz valley. A challenging road ride with numerous uphill and downhill sections is the North Coast road from Maraval to Blanchisseuse. In Blanchissuese, the road beyond the Spring Bridge is mainly dirt and packed gravel with almost no vehicular traffic. It provides the opportunity to ride in a pristine natural environment with only the occasional house along the side of the road. For those desiring a strong cardiovascular workout, the Blanchisseuse to Arima Road is mainly uphill until the crest of the mountain ranges are reached.

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The Toco Main Road is another area that provides uphill and downhill sections for the bicyclist along with magnificent sea views plus a forest and country village environment. The Toco area, stretching from Matura to Matelot and encompassing San Souci and Grande Riverie, also provides many opportunities for the mountain biker. In each village there are side streets with low levels of vehicular traffic that allow you to explore the villages at a slower pace. In addition the numerous agricultural and logging traces provide opportunities to go off road. For those staying in the Cumana area, Anglais Road, which stretches from Cumana to Sans Souci, provides the ideal opportunity to get away from vehicles and ride through a mixture of forest and roadside country houses.

The areas around Chaguanas, Couva and San Fernando are laced with old agricultural dirt roads. The southern parts of the country around Penal, Siparia, Fyzabad, Palo Seco and Point Fortin have an abundance of old oilfield roads providing numerous areas for an individual to use their bicycle.

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The Cedros area in the South Western penninsula is approximately 2.5 hours drive from Port of Spain and 1.5 hours driving time from San Fernando. For a very relaxing flat land ride, the Cedros area is worth a visit as the Peninsula is very picturesque. The road winds through small fishing villages with coconut plantations and the blue ocean surrounding the peninsula. On a cycling jaunt through Cedros you have the opportunity to visit a mud volcano and engage in other activities.

Manzanilla, Mayaro and Guyaguyare are another part of Trinidad that provide a flat riding environment with magnificent views of the ocean.While riding along the Main Road can be challenging at times because of fast moving vehicles, there are many side roads to explore. In the Manzanilla area, Kernahan Trace and Cascadoux Trace allow the rider to come off the Main Road and ride through areas that are birding hotspots. In Mayaro the numerous side streets leading to the beach allow the casual pedaller to get some exercise while on holiday.

To learn about other areas for cycling in Trinidad, see the section on Other Mountain Bike Trails in Trinidad.

To find the areas referred to on this page, see the Trinidad Map. For cycling advice on a variety of topics such as Choosing the right bike, Caring for your bicycle and Bicycle brakes, visit our Articles Page

Group Rides

bulletCorkie’s Casuals, every Sunday, contact 622-3970
bulletHowlers tnt
bulletSpinn Road team, every Saturday 6 am, Start point, Starlite Plaza, Diego Martin. Contact Fitness Center at 633-7765


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