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A bird identification guide with information on over 332 tropical birds and over 820 photographs

On this page we provide links to a variety of articles covering different outdoor activities. For ease of use we have sub-divided the articles into different categories.
bulletGeneral Articles
bulletBirdwatching Articles
bulletCamping Articles
bulletHiking Articles
bulletBicycling Articles
bulletRunning Articles
bulletKayaking Articles
bulletFishing Articles
bulletSnorkeling and Scuba


General Articles

bulletMust Have Items in Your First Aid Kit 
bulletSurvival Knives 
bulletTips For Choosing A Knife For Various Outdoor Sports
bullet Critical Multi-tool features for the Outdoors
bulletFinding Direction without a compass
bulletBeginners Guide to Navigation
bulletBackpacks, Duffel Bags, Luggage: Fashion and Function
bulletChoosing the proper Backpack
bullet What colour is your backpack?
bulletBeach Safety
bulletSports Bra
bulletWhy your workout clothes matter
bulletMosquito Control - Tips for Backpacking
bullet Electronic Insect Repellant
bullet12 Outdoor Safety Tips that can really save your life
bulletThe best sandals for outdoor activities
bullet10 Tips for buying a great pair of sneakers
bulletKnife rust prevention secrets
bulletWater resistant flashlights
bulletStaying Dry When Stuck Out In The Rain
bulletHow to make a Kite
bulletMad Bull Kites
bullet6 Easy Steps to deodorize and clean your Camelbak Hydration Backpack
bulletLadies Water-Resistant Jackets
bulletTips for traveling with the tots
bulletExtending the life of ice in your cooler
bulletLove on a Budget - The Romantic Picnic
bullet Top Snacks for a Road Trip
bulletHands Free LED Lights
bullet LED Lights and night vision
bullet A Guide to Folding Chairs
bullet Do Fish Cooking Methods really make a difference
bullet Choosing an outdoor portable grill
bullet Beach Shelters
bullet Exploring the many airplane pillow options
bullet Portable Gas Stoves - Getting the best stove for your outdoor event
bullet How to avoid travelers diahorea
bullet Benefits of walking on the beach
bullet Are you sure you are wearing the right life jacket
bullet Tips for better sleep when travelling
bullet Biggest Mistakes made when booking hotels
bullet Finding Hotels for Business Trips
bullet 5 Tips for preparing for Family Vacations


Birdwatching Articles

bulletBirdwatching Advice
bulletBird Watching Binoculars - Critical Bird Watching Equipment 
bulletIntroducing the fascinating hobby of Birdwatching!
bulletClothes For Birdwatching in the Tropics
bulletSighting Night Birds
bulletBinoculars for Birders

Camping Articles

bulletSome Useful Tips for Beach Camping
bulletCar Camping
bulletLight your way with a Camping Lantern
bullet Camping Lights - 5 questions to ask before purchasing
bulletDifferent types of Sleeping Bags
bullet 3 things to steer clear of when shopping for a sleeping bag
bulletSleeping bag: Synthetic or Down?
bullet Selecting a Camping Air Mattress
bulletHow to pick the best Tent to ensure a Comfortable and Safe Refuge while Camping
bullet Prepare your tent for rainy days
bulletSurviving Camping Equipment Overload - How to Manage on a Small Budget
bulletCamping Safety Tips: Part 1 - Food, Water, Ticks
bulletCamping Security - Staying safe on remote camp sites
bulletGive Your Body A Break - Bring A Camping Chair
bulletHow to get the Best Camp Site
bulletChoosing a camp site
bulletTips To Make Your Camp Fire Roar 
bullet Techniques for cooking on a camp fire
bulletThe Importance of Organized Lists for Camping Supplies
bulletCamping Games for Adults
bulletHow to stay clean while you are camping
bullet Tips for camping while pregnant

best tracker


Hiking Articles

bulletChoosing Hiking Boots
bulletVegetarian Hiking Boots
bulletFoot Care For Backpackers And Hikers 
bulletDiabetes: You Can Still Go Hiking And Camping 
bulletHiking Basics
bulletEssential Hiking Equipment For Your Safety 
bulletSix Hiking And Backpacking Tips  
bulletTips on How to Avoid Getting Lost While Hiking
bulletDealing with Snakes when Hiking
bulletThe Feared Constrictors of Trinidad
bulletChoosing Women's Hiking Boots in 5 Easy Steps
bulletRiver Crossing Safety Tips for Hikers
bulletStaying Hydrated while Hiking
bulletPreparing for your First Trek
bulletHow to Successfully Backpack with Kids
bullet Preparations you need to make before going on a hiking trip with kids
bullet Trekking Poles - The Proper way to adjust for your height
bullet Hiking Sticks for those who love to hike


Bicycling Articles

bulletBike: Finding The Right One
bulletChoosing a Mountain Bike
bulletWhy To Own A Road Bike
bulletLearn Mountain Biking
bulletMountain Biking for Beginner Riders
bulletBeing Prepared On The Mountain Bike Trail
bulletBike Survival Kit
bulletBicycle Brakes
bulletEssentials Of The Bicycle Wheels
bulletPerfect Bicycle Saddles
bulletHow to care for your bike
bullet Cleaning your bike after the rain
bulletCycling in a Group - Essential Knowledge
bulletRemembering Bicycle Safety
bulletLooking into Mountain Bike Helmets
bulletSetting Appropriate Pressure in Mountain Bike Tires
bulletHow to get your girl to ride
bulletShould my Mountain Bike have Disc Brakes
bullet Mountain Bike Training Myths
bullet How to properly attack a trail
bullet The importance of using bike lights


Running Articles

bulletWhat You Should Know About Athletic Shoe
bulletChoose the correct running kit to get yourself off on the right foot.
bulletShin Splints
bulletTo Stretch or Not to Stretch
bulletHow To Avoid Common Running Injuries In 3 Easy Steps
bulletHow to avoid and manage running related injuries
bulletRunning Tips: What You Need to Know When Starting a Running Routine 
bulletTwo simple exercises to improve your running technique.  
bullet Most effective way to approach downhill running
bulletFunny, I Don't Feel Like a Master Athlete!
bulletTop tips for easier running
bullet7 Essential Tools For Running Safely in the Dark
bullet Clothing tips for running in the dark
bulletPreparing for a 5K
bulletGuide to Rehydration
bullet Nutrition and Distance Running
bulletRunning headphones requirements
bulletHow to buy running shoes


Kayaking Articles

bulletKayak Racing Tips - Take the Lead
bulletTips for Staying Safe While Kayaking
bulletThe Eskimo Roll - How To Roll a Kayak Safely
bulletKayak Equipment
bulletHow to Choose a Kayak Paddle
bulletModern Kayak Types
bulletPoints To Keep In Mind When Buying A Kayak
bulletBuying and Storing a Kayak
bulletWhy a Kayak Roof Rack is the Most Important Accessory
bulletInformation on Inflatable Kayaks
bulletRigging a kayak for sport fishing
bullet Tips for kayaking with kids


Fishing Articles

bulletThree Essential 'How To's' for The Fishing Amateur
bulletThe Challenges Of Saltwater Fishing
bulletTaking A Closer Look At Fishing Rods
bulletChoosing the right type of fishing rod
bullet8 Steps to fishing rod maintenance
bulletHaving a Proper Fishing Pole and Supplies
bulletHow To Choose The Best Fishing Lures
bulletLong Distance Casting
bulletFishing Bait - Do You Know?
bulletFishing For Catfish The Right Way
bulletFishing Boats   
bulletUsing Waypoints On Your Next Fishing Trip
bulletWhat makes a good fishing trip
bulletShould I Wear Polarized Fishing Glasses?
bulletFishing Knives and Scissors
bulletBait doesn't catch fish - hooks do
bulletHow to enjoy freshly caught fish
bulletHow to fish without Rod and Reel
bulletHow to Choose the Right Surf Fishing Bait to Improve Your Catch Rate
bullet Tips for fishing on vacation


Photography Articles

bulletWhich way to hold the Camera
bulletSimple Tips for taking better photos
bulletChoosing a digital camera
bulletCapturing great landscapes
bulletChoosing the right Lens
bulletHow to frame your shots to avoid excessive cropping
bulletIntroduction to using filters for special effects
bullet Shooting in Low Light
bullet How to photograph flowers


bulletSurfs Up
bulletHow to paddle Your Board
bullet How to wax your Surfboard
bulletOverview of Kitesurfing Gear
bullet Skimboard Tips on what to do and how to ride
bullet Physical fitness for Surfing


Snorkeling and Scuba

bulletSnorkeling – Floating through an underwater world
bulletChoosing a good snorkeling mask
bulletTips when choosing scuba fins
bullet Underwater Bras
bullet What to look for when purchasing a dive watch
bullet Dispelling the myths surrounding why you should not scuba dive



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